Beta Glucan

//Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan

This ingredient caught our attention 25 years ago at a time when beta glucans were not used in skincare. It has been assumed that the molecular size was too big to penetrate and too expensive to include in products.


Beta Glucans are known for their ability to enhance the immune system, as they are incredibly powerful and stimulate the activity of macrophages. This versatile immune cells ingest an destroy invading pathogens. As they do this, they also stimulate other immune cells to attack. The Beta Glucan stimulate white  blood cells that bind to tumors and viruses by releasing chemicals to destroy it.


Our body does not produce  Beta-Glucan, they occur in plants, the bran of grains, baker’s yeast, oats and bacteria.


We use the Oat D- Beta Glucan it is chiral correct  with other immune enhancing ingredients to provide a product which is anti-inflammatory , anti-irritant, soothing, calming, and moisturizing, a great item for your male clients and problem skin.


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