Winter Favorites for Discoloration

//Winter Favorites for Discoloration

Winter Favorites for Discoloration

We are in the bitter cold winter months now and the summer months feel so far behind us. If you’ve been in the sun, you know there has been some damage done! I want to share with you my favorite products for discoloration that time after time have transformed discolored and dull looking skin for so many of my clients!

Cellular Repair Concentrate:
This potent L-ascorbic acid serum gives brightness to the skin while naturally fading fine lines, lightening discolorations and protecting the skin from future damage. Protected with a UV blocking bottle this ensures stability and potency of the product. I recommend 1 pump every morning under your moisturizer.

Brightening Lotion: 
This lotion contains daisy flower extract, lemon peel and L-arbutin all helping to reverse discolorations on the skin, including acne scars as well! I love to call this product my glow in the jar. If you’re low maintenance or maybe a busy mom this product is sure to give results with little effort! I recommend 1 pump every morning after Cellular Repair Concentrate. For SPF pretention add a pump of z-plus and mix together, or apply Solares overtop!

Chiral-A Discoloration Solution:
This special chirally correct retinol solution incorporates a high dose of advanced ingredients and a blend of natural brighteners to work synergistically to perfect a refined texture. Once again giving a punch of L-arbutin this product is sure to please. Use one pump after cleansing every night, or every other night based on recommendations by your esthetician. Do not apply anything overtop.

Used together everyday these products are a powerhouse for change for you skin this winter! This time of year is also the perfect time to get a Cabernet peel! This peel can reduce fine lines and wrinkles along with helping even discolorations on the skin.


by Kayla Johnson, Educator, A Natural Difference

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