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Celebrating 30 Years of High Performance Skincare!

During the new development process, as a formulator we must take into consideration various criteria. We look at the intended age group, ethnicity, scented or non-scented, shelf life expectations and price point. Both functional and active ingredients can vary in price and quality. We also strive for green chemistry and sustainability. All of these things [...]

Fall Skincare Tips

As seasons change we switch out our closets for warmer clothes, and we need to change our skincare during this time too! During the falls months breakouts can be more common with weather fluctuations going from warm to cold, and many experience more dryness and start to loose that summer glow. Here are some tips [...]

Our Skincare Treatment Bars

Starting your regimen off with proper cleansing is necessary to get the best results out of your skin care products. I love liquid and foaming cleansers as opposed to cream based cleansers because they do not leave any residue on the skin. By not having and residue left on this skin this allows your products [...]

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Rosa-Derm Solution

This anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant super rich form of  licorice, assist the skin in addressing the symptoms of Rosacea.  Daily usage of this solution can improve the skin considerably and can also be used with treatments in the salons. Active Ingredients: L-Bisabolol - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antidermatitic and antiseptic properties.  Germany’s Commission “E” recommends topical Chamomile preparations [...]

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Cherry Chocolate Rose Facial + Bonus Eye Treatment!

We’re a few days away from Valentines Day and the perfect gift is always a facial! Our favorite facial this time of year is our Cherry Chocolate Rose Facial. This luxurious treatment gives relaxation, results and stimulates your sense throughout the treatment. In this post we’re also sharing our favorite bonus eye treatment! This facial [...]

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The importance of investing in YOU!

We all know that taking care of our skin is important, and we try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. When it comes to our career we keep up with social media, keep our websites updated, offer online booking, and believe in continuing education. But how much do we believe in investing in ourselves? We’ll [...]

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