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Shower Gel Wash

This is a fresh, invigorated gel with enzymes that cleanse the skin and restores its natural balance.  Your body is left feeling clean, fragrant, and glowing.  Follow up with the complementing Body Lotion and your body will thank you!

Available in Cranberry and Pumpkin.

Fruit Enzyme Body Lotion

A rich emulsion for exceptional moisturizing, restoring and soothing.  It’s active ingredients – Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Allantoin, Beta Glucosamine and Beta Fructan – help to restore your skin’s natural moisture levels.  Transforms dry skin so that your whole body becomes soft and supple to the touch.  It’s fragrance is natural, soft and subtle.

Fruit Enzyme Body Scrub

Soft skin is always attractive and gives you a feeling of comfort. These scientifically formulated enzyme scrubs provide the immediate pleasure of  smoother skin.  Our non-irritating micro-spheres polish the skin and leave it satiny. Removing dry, dead skin cells is the first step to healthy glowing skin and  enables better penetration and effectiveness of body lotion.

Balancer Progesterone Body Crème

For over 2500 years, since the days of Hippocrates, the chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) has been used for gynecological conditions. Modern research supports historical wisdom making chaste tree fruit preparations a phytomedicine of choice by European gynecologists for treatment of various menstrual disorders. This unique plant contains a component that replaces hormones produced by the body, acting through the pituitary gland to balance hormone production.

Balancer is safe to use with hormone replacement therapy.

Poly Glyco Body Lotion with Glycolic Polymer

This moisturizing rich emollient crème addresses the specific needs of dry dehydrated skin that often results from sun exposure, cold climates, heating and air-conditioning.  A quickly absorbed texture almost instantly smoothes and softens the skin.  It removes build-up of dead cells from the epidermis and promotes natural hydrolipidic balance to restore optimal moisture level.

Koly Glyco Body Lotion

Des Pigmentation Regular use will lighten discolorations of the skin such as freckles, age and liver spots, and pigmentations that may occur during pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptives. It also suppresses the tendency of hyper-pigmentation in ethnic skin, which often is the result of hydroquinone overuse. This blend of ingredients not only inhibits melanogenesis, but also dissolves melanin that’s already in place.  Koly Glyco utilizes today’s most innovative formulas which is most effective when used overnight due to light-sensitive ingredients.

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