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What are Spintraps?

Stopping Free Radical damage before it begins. Do you know how spin traps started? Scientists and doctors know that free radicals cause a lot of damage to a cell. They can also harm DNA. But they didn’t know exactly [a] what type of damage they caused, [b] the extent of that damage. So the idea [...]

EGF Select vs. Repair Serum

EGF SELECT : Those who have attended our classes will know that EGF Solution and Creme were amongst the company's first line of products and is still one of our best sellers since 1989. What is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)? 1986 Nobel Prize Winners Rita Levi-Montalcini and Stanley Cohen will tell you in their research, [...]

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A Quarter of a Century in the Making.

A Quarter of a Century in the Making. by Christine Cowheard   It's hard to believe it all started twenty-five years ago. When we first opened, A Natural Difference consisted of five formulations including the Glycolic Polymer, Epidermal Growth Factor, Langerhaus Cell Immune Strengthening, Beta Glucan, and Antioxidants. My purpose of starting this company, was [...]