Celebrating 30 Years of High Performance Skincare!

During the new development process, as a formulator we must take into consideration various criteria. We look at the intended age group, ethnicity, scented or non-scented, shelf life expectations and price point. Both functional and active ingredients can vary in price and quality. We also strive for green chemistry and sustainability. All of these things [...]

The Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

The History of Oxygen in Skin Care began with a Swiss Doctor, his scientific research focused on the stabilization of Oxygen. He has developed a pioneering ventilation devise that analyzed and regulated Oxygen flow during surgical procedures. The effect of Oxygen throughout the human body has been studied by many scientists before, but it was [...]

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Our Skincare Treatment Bars

Starting your regimen off with proper cleansing is necessary to get the best results out of your skin care products. I love liquid and foaming cleansers as opposed to cream based cleansers because they do not leave any residue on the skin. By not having and residue left on this skin this allows your products [...]

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The Queen Bee and Teen Beauty Secrets

The single most important thing in a teenagers world is their appearance. Teens feel as if they have to dry out their skin to get rid of acne, but this isfalse. Healthy skin needs balanced moisture, while dry skin is actually vulnerable to infection. Not all teens have acneserious enough to get medical advice with [...]

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Violet Bottle Protection

We are who we are and we have been that way for 26 years. A Natural Difference Skincare offers a unique violet spectrum glass container for sensitive formulations. This dark violet bottle actually appears black to the naked eye. These bottles block out harmful rays and prevent any deterioration of the formula. To prove the [...]

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Feel the Zest

Zesty Orange may sound like a fruity name, but don't be fooled. The active ingredients in this moisturizer have been scientifically selected with great purpose, each one working closely together as a team. Providing an active environment of repair, rejuvenation, and protection from further anti-radical damage. After the fruit enzymes have cleared the way by [...]

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Chiral Ingredients the Mirror Image for Healthy Skin

We all know that the path to a healthy body is through exercise, a proper diet, adequate sleep and a low stress level. However, there are other ways besides a robust physique to project a healthy image to the world. One of the most visible ways to show off good health is through your skin. [...]

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Retinoxyl Elixer – The First Stable Retinaldehyde

The ancient Egyptians recognized the importance of Vitamin A, but it was not discovered and synthesized until 1947. A Natural Difference has always stressed the importance of Retinols. Over 20 years ago we formulated our Erase-A-Line, a special complex which is still very popular today. Then years later we formulated a new form of Retinol [...]

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An Important Message from Christine Cowheard, founder and CEO of A Natural Difference Skincare. It has come to my attention that some of our family of estheticians have recently become concerned about the possibility of future online offerings for our "retail line of products." Please be assured that this is not and never will be [...]

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Cancer. The word nobody wants to hear, but unfortunately all too many do. Whether it is you, a loved one, or even an acquaintance, this word continues to be a burden to everyone. As a company, we are no different. Tom Cooke, A Natural Difference's Senior Operations Manager, passed away last Thanksgiving after losing his [...]

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