Cellular Repair Concentrate with Vitamin C+

This translucent liquid is an antioxidant  that increases collagen production and neutralizes UV damage.  Active ingredients guide and direct this high concentration of Vitamin C to fight against damaged skin to minimize signs of aging.

Skin Types: All

Chiral – A Discoloration Solution

Mostly used for anti-aging skin while assisting with brightening. This special chiral correct retinol solution incorporates a high dose of exclusive brightening technology with a blend of natural brighteners to work synergistically to perfect a refined texture.

Skin Types: Sun Damaged, Wrinkled, Hyper-pigmentation, Large Pores

EGF Select with Telomere Protection

Peels and exfoliation rapidly release skin cells causing the skin to defend itself by producing a protein called epidermal growth factor. EGF Select assists the skin’s desire to repair itself and works together with brighteners to even out the skin tone and rejuvenate the skin cells.

Skin Types: All

Erase A Line

Not just another Retinol, but a fluid complex of Vitamin A and Glycolic heavy water with Amino Guanidine and Beta Fructan for better moisturizing. Utilizes a potent Vitamin A, known for the anti-aging, softening, and anti-wrinkle effect it has on mature skin and combats acne. DON’T USE AFTER A FACIAL.

Rosaderm Solution

This anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant super rich form of licorice, assists the skin in addressing the symptoms of Rosacea, Photo-aged skin or Acne Rosacea  Daily usage of this solution can considerably improve the skin and will help reduce redness and relieve dryness of Rosacea or traumatized skin.

Skin Types: ALL