Brightening Masque       

Illuminates the skin with Tyrosine inhibitors by slowing down the production of melanin. A gradual lightening of hyper pigmentation, age spots and freckles will occur.

Skin Type: Aged, Large Pores, Hyper-Pigmentation

Clarifying Masque                                

Its cleaning benefits help to eliminate impurities. It prevents the pores from clogging. The complexion becomes clearer and excess oil is absorbed. Skin Type: Acne, Irritated

Skin Type: Large Pores

Hydrotant Marine Masque

This creamy rich non-drying masque tones, moisturizes and hydrates dry and mature skin. Marine extracts high in amino acid, combined with antioxidants and proteins, help optimize and maintain a radiant complexion, leaving the skin soft and silky.

Skin Type: All

Mineral Enzyme Masque

This delicate green colored, gel textured masque produces intense hydration of the epidermis, while soothing and softening the skin. The ingredients in this masque, including spinach, provide free radical digestive enzymes to enhance the skin’s moisture, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

Skin Type: All

Purifying Masque

A highly concentrated granule crème containing licorice for its inflammatory, antiseptic and ant-bacterial properties. Exfoliated dry dead skin cells while drawing toxicity to the surface.

Skin Type: All

Rejuvenation Masque

A rich soft crème, formulated with the very best combination of ingredients to fight the free-radical damage that causes premature aging. This masque is especially helpful to maintain healthy, mature skin by enhancing epidermal water content.

Skin Type: Dry, Lack of Elasticity, Sun Damaged, Aged

Revitalizing Masque

Our infamous “chocolate” masque has been a fan favorite for two decades. It has been practiced by many doctors an scientists since it was created and all report visible changed in keeping skin looking youthful, healthy and firm.

Skin Type: All

Rosaderm Soothing Masque

With Willow Herbs anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial capabilities, this masque will soothe and soften the skin. This masque provides cooling, soothing and moisturizing benefits are immediate after a facial or a day in the sun.

Skin Type: All

Soothing Masque

This lemon colored and fragrant gel masque will calm down the most sensitive skin. This soothing gel contains healing calendula, chamomile and aloe with a small amount of Vitamin E is mainly used for sunburns, acne inflammation and over treated skin.