Brightening Lotion

With flower power and citrus, Brightening Lotion has multiple benefits of different skin lighteners for a natural, luminous complexion. It is by far, the most effective and cosmetically elegant product available today for treatment of hyper-pigmentation of the skin, sun damage, sports and acne discoloration. Pigmentation marks diminish or disappear, leaving the skin looking like Ivory.

Skin Types: Hyper-pigmentation, All

Clarifying Euro Creme

This powerful complex creme consists of active plant elements seriously contribute to balance only secretions and normalize sebaceous oxidation. It contains antibacterial properties to boost the skin’s immune response for treating the cause of acne prone skin and also helps to clear acne, and restores the skin to a healthy and harmonious appearance.

Skin Types: Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive

Epigrowth EGF Crème

Our original all purpose twenty-four hour crème repairs and protects your skin’s natural moisture around the clock, helps to maintain the fatty acids essential for skin function and targets life producing cells to expand within the skin. It immediately but comfortably brightens the skin and provides long term skin rejuvenation, boosts collagen protection and strengthens cellular walls for a firmer complexion.

Skin Types: All

Firmness Anti-Wrinkle Night Crème

An exceptional complex of lifting ingredients which helps to minimize the apparent loss of firmness and restore radiant, youthful beauty. This uniquely concentrated formula promotes immediate and continuous benefits to effectively boost hydration and firmness of the surface layer of the skin. Skin actually feels firmer, smoother and softer upon awakening. It immediately but comfortably thickens the skin and provides long term skin rejuvenation, boosts collagen and strengthens cellular walls for a firmer complexion.

Skin Types: Mature, Wrinkles

Foot Creme

Especially formulated to pamper and provide relief to tired, dry achy feet and legs. The natural healing properties of ingredients including tea tree oil, will provide instant comfort and relief. It softens and conditions rough, hard skin and has anti-fungal an antibacterial properties to insure good foot health. Perfect after a pedicure or twice daily on clean feet.

Skin Types: All

Glucana Crème with Copper and Green Tea 

Perfect for every skin type and an absolute “must” to combat the effects of our environment. To achieve younger, healthier looking skin, it is essential that Langerhans cells function to their fullest protecting skin from foreign elements, such as pollution, air conditioning, heating and excess sunlight. A light textured crème that lightly hydrates, with a reconstructive powers for long lasting results.

Skin Types: All

Glycolic Polymers

The first product to offer the benefits of glycolic polymer without irritation. A revolutionary skin balancing complex available in different strengths. The Glycolic Polymer Crème is the first beauty treatment to offer the benefits of glycolic polymer (from sugarcane) without irritation. Our exclusive formula of glycolic polymer acids is a revolutionary skin balancing complex. Instantly promoting youthful, radiant, soft and smooth skin, by accelerating natural exfoliation. It’s a gentle night- time moisturizer and exfoliant for normal to dry skin, dissolving the binders that flue together dead skin cells and balances sebum products. This crème is available in different strengths to improve the complexion of all skin types.

Skin Types: All
Available in strengths: 5%, 10%, 20%

Harmony Creme

A decrease in estrogen/progesterone inhibits cell repair and causes less products of collagen and elastic leading to dry, itchy menopausal skin conditions, Especially seen as a red, parched t-zone and flaky eyebrows. We have formulated a containing of the best natural ingredients contains phyto-estrogens to help balance these hormonal conditions. Chaste, Tree, Wild Yam, Pueraira Minifica Root and complementing natural retinol help to stimulate collagen products and restore smooth and healthy skin.

Skin Types: Mature, Hormonal, Acne

Oxygen Crème

A highly performance revitalizing emulsion, recommended for tired and devitalized skin.  This formulation facilitates the penetration of biologically active substances such as vitamins and minerals into the skin and increases their effectiveness. It promotes healing due to its ability to activate tissue breathing processes and the aeration of skin cells, speeding up repair and effectively slowing down the aging process.

Skin Types:All

Phyto Pumpkin Moisturizer

A men’s favorite, this is a high performance anti-aging product, rich in chiral ingredients.  Enhances moisture levels in the epidermis and improves the general appearance of the skin.  Botanical extracts of Shea Butter and Pumpkin Oil help to soften and soothe the skin.

Skin Types: All

R-T-C Resculpture Creme

The hey ingredient is blue yeast, a chirally correct formulation that has the capability to burn and release fat. To firm and bring better sensor to the skin we use a complex compound patented in France, which is terminalia catappa extract, sambucus nigra extract, elderberry and tannic acid. Amica, horse chesnut and butcherbroom add even more firming and strengthening to capillaries and tissue and small amount of L-lactic acid contribute to smoother skin. Ensures effective, visible results. Helps smooth and refine the appearance of cellulite prone areas. Regular and consistent massage with this creme will improve the skin’s appearance and minimize spongy, dimpled skin.

Skin Types: All

Rejuvenation  Face Crème with Spin Traps

This occlusive moisturizer help hold in skins natural moisture, aids flaky, rough, severely dehydrated skin. Skin aging results from wide ranging temperature and humidity changes. Premature aging of the skin occurs from variations in light and the negative effects of UV rays responsible for the formation of free radicals.

Skin Types: Mature, Wrinkles

Rosa-Derm Crème

This superior crème offers strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. It is designed to repair post-damage while preventing future damages, it is the ultimate moisturizer for face and body.  A unique formulation that defends against adverse environmental conditions, stimulates repair and restores its protective function so that skin can retain moisture.  Rosaderm Crème offers optimal moisture care and promotes an immediate feeling of skin comfort.

Skin Types: Sensitive, Rosacea

Restoraderm Crème

Ultimate remedy for wounds, burns and scars, with topical tammarura oil that boosts skin’s healing ability while soothing inflammation. It is highly recommended for outdoor activities as a protection against chapping.

Skin Types: All

Rose Renewal Creme

Fight back environmental aggression with elegant power! Specifically formulated to provide extreme moisture with remarkable cellular detoxification stress to decrease premature skin aging. A super peptide from Pea Extract strengthens elasticity to increase firmness and skin pliablity. Combined with many other superior ingredients this formulation has power.

Skin Types: All


This soothing and nourishing, the repair crème calms sensations of discomfort and helps improve the temperamental appearance of sensitive skin.  It contains extraordinary active ingredients to repair the problems which arise after the epidermis has been exposed to causes of irritation such as climate changes, environmental factors, fatigue or hormonal changes. A well protected epidermis is more resistant to environmental factors and threat of a hypertensive reaction.

Skin Types: Sensitive, Acne

Zesty Orange Moisturizer

This unique anti-aging formula diminishes fine lines and uses a delivery technology for maximum efficacy and hydration for a synergistic effect in rebuilding the skin’s extra cellular matrix by activating collagen biosynthesis and fibroblast proliferation.  Today’s aggressive environment demands advanced beauty therapy. This crème is absorbed into the epidermis instantly, to nourish and protect, designed for all skin types, a delight to apply.

Skin Types: All