European by birth, Christine was born in Germany at a time when the country itself was experiencing a vast rebirth. For generations her family has respected their surroundings and realized the importance of nature’s offerings, accumulating a wealth of knowledge in plant-based curatives and remedies. Growing up with this holistic atmosphere, Christine’s formulations have always been based as close to nature as possible, but engaging bio engineering for better, faster results!

Thirty years ago, Christine Cowheard, founder and CEO of A Natural Difference Skincare, was a practicing Esthetician working at a spa in South Florida. Her clientele was worldly, consisting of super models and wives of the Fortune 500 Club; the type of people who expected the best of everything. Frustrated with the quality of her results and the limited products that were available, she began formulating her own natural cosmeceutical products to give her clients the best treatments possible and the results they deserve.

In the beginning, she created the Immune Cell Enhancing Mask to stimulate the Langerhans Cells. This was completely unheard of at the time. Then came Spintraps and Chirality which even to this day outperform other lines in the marketplace. Christine introduced formulas with Epidermal Growth Factor based on Nobel Prize winning technology, literally bringing science to skin care. One of the very first Glycolic Polymers was introduced by A Natural Difference, followed by a complete Oxygen line. One product led to other companion products, bringing the existing line to over 100 naturally derived actives, addressing all skin types from head to toes!

A Natural Difference continues to make industry news with the introduction of other revolutionary formulas containing osmoprotectants, small molecules that help balance the fluid within cells, plumping them up like a fully filled balloon. A Natural Difference takes a step forward in the new methodology of cellular protection to prevent the ageing process with other key ingredients such as Snake Venom, Neuropeptides, Plant Stem Cells, Pearl and Gemstones.

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spas bestows upon Christine Cowheard, the prestigious Crystal Award for excellence and outstanding industry achievement. Citing her innovative formulations as key motivators in the evolution of natural skincare products, over the past three decades.

We enjoyed every minute of our A Natural Difference education. We learned a lot and are excited to share with our clients. Your products are amazing. Your educators are phenomenal. And the education your company provides exceeds the industry standard.

Envy Salon and Spa

Today I took Step 4, the final class in obtaining my Master Certification of A Natural Difference Professionals. The process was a year full of education to master the art of customizing treatments and regimens to help correct a variety of skin conditions. My knowledge has increased dramatically and I am eager to pass on the benefits to you. This program is phenomenal and a highlight of my skincare career.

Helene Buscemi

I am in Columbus, and carry A Natural Difference products and my studio, Euphoric Skin Care. I haven’t tried a product that I didn’t like, all products have given me a wonderful results.

Cary Crawford, Euphoric Skin Care

Results! Results! Results! As an esthetician, I have to be mindful about what I use on my clients’ skin. It is imperative that I only use high quality products that will nourish and feed the skin what it needs. A Natural Difference does exactly that. It is the only line I that trust and love.

Kim Tellier Brown, Dilworth Salon & Spa