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It’s true, our main ingredient in our Phyto Pumpkin line really is pumpkin! Unlike other botanical, pumpkin contains a densely populated constellation of nutrients. Fermented, unfiltered whole pumpkin offers over 100 nutrients. Through enzymatic hydrolysis, pumpkin releases many hidden treasures. This alternative to AHA’s is a fruit acid/enzyme, an exfoliation accelerator, a powerful anti-oxidant and a mild retinolic acid substitute. As a natural repair therapy, it has beta carotene and ascorbic acid to combat oxidative, free radical damage.

We are not only addressing the free-radical component to diseases and aging with the use of anti-oxidants, but we are beginning to see that free radicals and their rogue oxygen escorts can be utilized for the god of the skin, when corralled by spin traps

Sensitive skin and acne conditions will respond better to Phyto Pumpkin Peel because it is not as sharp or intrusive as glycolic can be to some skins. This peel has the richest source of beta-carotene and provides a full complement of Vitamin A derivatives that decreases the oxidative and free radical stress associated with other chemical peels.