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We picked the orange as the basis for this anti-age treatment because the benefits and effects of this most essential step in a facial are absolutely miraculous. Our aromatic Zesty Orange Peel contains real orange zest, which has proven anti-cancer properties. The natural active ingredients have been scientifically selected to work closely together as a team to repair, rejuvenate, stimulate collagen, protect capillaries and trap harmful free- radicals. A powerful cosmeceutical treatment of antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals in one natural package.

The Zesty Orange Enzyme Peel is available in three strengths 5%, 10% and 20%. The actives we use: the fruit enzymes, natural salicylic and lactic acids are powerful and engineered for powerful results. All professionals are reminded to act responsibly when administering any of our peels. Stronger is not always better. Know your client’s skin type and skin toleration. When in doubt leave on for less time.